In 2020, nearly 1,000 young kittens will come through the MEOW co. Lifesaving Kitten Nursery in Downtown Bakersfield. Our dedicated team of nursery staff and volunteers provide around the clock care for orphaned kittens and nursing mom cats until they reach adoption age, usually around two months or when kittens weigh two pounds.

The Lifesaving Kitten Nursery in Downtown Bakersfield has cared for several thousand neonatal kittens and nursing mom cats since opening its doors in July of 2016. Cats and kittens are a key part of the Make Kern No-Kill initiative.

2019 Kittens Saved
2019 Volunteer Hours

How Can I Make a Difference?

This year, around 6,000+ kittens (two months of age or younger) will enter Bakersfield City & County shelters in need of urgent rescue and care. Our Lifesaving Kitten Nursery is one of the few safe places in California that can provide temporary housing and care for hundreds of orphaned baby kittens. 

Volunteers are needed 24/7 to take care of kittens in our on-site nursery. Duties range from bottle-feeding, cage cleaning, and food preparation. Similar to a real nursery, the neonatal unit has strict protocols to ensure the health of the kittens. Volunteers are needed around the clock, and we would love to have you join us! Get started by signing up as a Lifesaving Kitten Nursery Volunteer below.

Please note: As much as we wish it were possible, the MEOW co. Lifesaving Kitten Nursery is unable to take in kittens from the public. The nursery is geared solely toward supporting Bakersfield shelter partners.